New Riptide coach Richard Moser is having a difficult time coming up with superlatives to describe his team.

This time, it was a rare but dominant win over Marshall County rival Guntersville at home last Thursday. The Riptide totaled 456 points to Guntersville’s 237.

“I haven’t been told exactly when the last time we actually beat Guntersville, but the fact that no one has given me an exact date means that it’s been a while,” Moser said.

Last week, Moser said he challenged the swimmers to show him fight in their races. Apparently they did.

After a close loss to powerful Cullman (and a win over Fort Payne in a tri-meet), the Riptide blew Guntersville out of the water.

“These kids blew me away with their effort,” Moser said. “They pushed passed their exhaustion to win some races they had no right to win. That comes down to how much they wanted it.

“The coaching staff is so proud of each of these kids.”

Moser said he’s also encouraging some of the older kids to take ownership of the team.

“I have begun challenging some of the older swimmers to step up and take charge of this team,” he said. They responded (Thursday) night by mentoring younger swimmers, cheering on their teammates and swimming out of their minds as an example for the younger swimmers.

“I am proud of them and how they are uniting this team. The idea of team is infectious and makes everyone swim better.”

Arab swam at Madison on Tuesday and will host Albertville on Thursday. Additionally, Riptide officials announced that a home meet against Jacksonville scheduled for Thursday, June 27, has been canceled. Arab instead will swim against Jacksonville during a tri-meet at Fort Payne on June 25.

Girls highlights from the Guntersville meet included:

• Maddie Nunley winning the 11-12 100-yard individual medley, 50 breaststroke and 100 freestyle;

• Lauren Lambert winning the 9-10 100 IM;

• Julia Scott winning the 13-14 100 IM and 50 butterfly;

• Kayleigh King winning the 15-18 100 IM, 50 backstroke and 100 freestyle;

• Karington Harper winning the 8-under 100 IM and 25 backstroke;

• Raven Payne winning the 8U 25 freestyle and 25 butterfly;

• Anderly Shumate winning the 9-10 50 freestyle, 50 breaststroke and 100 freestyle;

• Sarah Sularin winning the 11-12 50 freestyle, 50 backstroke and 50 butterfly;

• Alex Yarbrough winning the 15-18 50 breaststroke;

• Sierra Brom winning the 9-10 50 backstroke;

• Jill Stapler winning the 9-10 50 butterfly;

• Bella McBrayer winning the 8U 50 freestyle.

Boys highlights included:

• Brody Franklin winning the 9-10 100 IM and 50 breaststroke;

• Colby Franklin winning the 13-14 100 IM and 50 breaststroke;

• Joshua Shumate winning the 6U 25 freestyle and 25 backstroke;

• Owen Lambert winning the 8U 25 freestyle, 25 backstroke and 50 freestyle;

• Drake Brown winning the 13-14 50 freestyle and 100 freestyle;

• Heath Isom winning the 15-18 50 freestyle, 50 backstroke and 100 freestyle;

• Bentley Bowling winning the 8U 25 breaststroke;

• Caleb Franklin winning the 15-18 50 breaststroke and 50 butterfly;

• Hayden Williams winning the 50 backstroke and 100 freestyle;

• Sam Compton winning the 13-14 50 backstroke and 50 butterfly.

Full individual results are available on the team’s website:; and on the Arab swim team’s Facebook page.

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