Was it unprecedented? Not quite.

Was it rare? You betcha.

The three high school football teams in The Arab Tribune’s primary coverage area won last week. Some thought it had never happened before – and they were close to being right.

Before last week, Arab, Brewer and Brindlee Mountain had all won the same week just one time: On Nov. 1, 2013, Brindlee Mountain defeated DAR 22-16; Arab defeated Hayden 34-20; and Brewer defeated Priceville 55-28.

So, every week since 2006 – when Brindlee Mountain fielded its first high school varsity team – at least one of the three teams has lost except for – now – two times.

Last week, Arab beat Albertville 47-14 on Thursday. Then on Friday, Brewer held on to beat Hanceville 20-13. And in the big story of the week, Brindlee Mountain defeated Cherokee 26-20 to snap a 43-game losing streak.

With Brindlee Mountain recording just 15 wins since it started football, chances for triple success have been few and far between.

In 2013, Brindlee Mountain and Brewer both won on Sept. 6, but Arab lost.

In 2014, Arab and Brindlee Mountain won the same week twice: Aug. 25 and Oct. 30. Brindlee Mountain defeated Holly Pond and Arab beat Madison County on Aug. 29, then on Oct. 30, Brindlee Mountain defeated DAR and Arab whipped Moody.

But Brewer lost both nights. The Patriots fell to Hartselle on Aug. 29 and lost to Sparkman on Oct. 30.

The Lions’ previous two wins before Friday night came on Sept. 29, 2017, and Aug. 28, 2015. In 2017, Arab lost to Brewer and in 2015, the Knights lost to Madison County. On Aug. 28, 2015, Brewer lost to Hartselle.

In 2011, the Lions won three games, the highest win total in school history. They beat Randolph on Sept. 2, Falkville on Oct. 14 and DAR on Oct. 28. Arab lost on all three of those dates, to Scottsboro, Boaz and Springville, respectively.

In 2010, Brindlee Mountain won on Oct. 15 but Arab lost to Boaz that same night.

In 2009, Brindlee Mountain defeated Holly Pond on Oct. 22. Arab lost by two points to Albertville on Oct. 23. That same season, Arab defeated Brindlee Mountain in the second and last time the two teams met.

In 2007, Brindlee Mountain beat Mount Hope on Aug. 30. Arab lost to Boaz.

And in 2006, Brindlee Mountain beat Mount Hope on Aug. 31 and Arab defeated Boaz. But Brewer lost to Priceville on Sept. 1. On Oct. 13, Brindlee Mountain defeated Westminster Christian. But Arab lost to Etowah and Brewer lost to J.O. Johnson.

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