Cherokee Ridge hosted its Member-Guest Tournament on April 23-24. The champion team was long-time resident Ed Childress and his son from Georgia, Scott Childress.

Second place went to Ryan Clark and Reese Smith. Third went to Pete Sparks and Ed Gardner. And fourth went to Mike Lewis and Cris Smith.

Other results:

• Flight 1 Day 1 Calcutta: first, Lewis and Smith; second, Russell and Austin Bobo; Day 2 Calcutta: first, Michael Chamness and Jonathan Baily; second, Lewis and Smith.

• Flight 2 Day 1 Calcutta: first, Pete Sparks and Ed Gardner; second, David and Jay Christenson; Day 2 Calcutta: first David and Jay Christenson; second, Seth Bryan and Zac Buchanan.

• Flight 3 Day 1 Calcutta: first Nick Wood and Chris Jackson; second, Bradley Wisener and Jody Brown; Day 2 Calcutta: tie for first, Nick Wood/ Chris Jackson and Randy Barbee/Les Gardner.

• Flight 4 Day 1 Calcutta: first, John York and Jason Willoughby; second, Hayden Mahan and B.J. Albright; Day 2 Calcutta: tie for first: Clay Kelley/Roger Gibson and Jamie Clark/Aaron McDermott.

• Flight 5 Day 1 Calcutta: first, Barry Hunt and Shawn Willingham; second Mike Cavender and Henry Cho; Day 2 Calcutta: first, Mike Cavender and Henry Cho, second, Drew and Mark Heidelhoff.

• Flight 6 Day 1 Calcutta: first, Hugh Knighton and Bill Kelly; second, Roger Watson and Marc Scarbrough; Day 2 Calcutta: first, Ed and Scott Childress; tie for second: Justin Rogers/Matt Weaver and Knighton/Kelly.

• Flight 7 Day 1 Calcutta: first, Robert Christian and Drew Chapman; second, Brad Barker and Richard Breitbach; Day 2 Calcutta: first, Ryan Clark and Reese Smith; second, Robert Christian and Drew Chapman.

• Flight 8 Day 1 Calcutta: first, Tony Messenbrink and Russ Cox; tie for second: Frank Powell/Mike Kessinger and Mike Crawford/Scott James; Day 2 Calcutta: first, Messenbrink and Cox; second: Crawford/James.

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