With the exception of one possible late addition, head coach Lee Ozmint’s first staff at Arab is essentially set after the recent departure of Randall Martin to become the new head coach at Deshler.

New offensive coordinator Michael Darden, who came to Arab with Ozmint from Oxford, where they were both assistants, will handle quarter-backs and running backs. Buddy Pell, a holdover from Oscar Glasscock’s first and only staff at Arab, will be the defensive coordinator.

Pell, the grandson of former Clemson and Florida head coach Charley Pell, will coach linebackers.

“I think we have a great coaching staff,” Ozmint said this week. “It’s a great group of coaches. Sometimes it’s hard to find coaches who are good and get along with each other, but this group is just that.”

Kalen Elam and Ozmint will coach outside linebackers. Mitchell Johnston will coach defensive line. Jonathan Embry will coach safeties and cornerbacks.

On offense, Chad Hudson will coach outside receivers, Phil Puccio will coach tight ends and David Hall will work with offensive linemen.

Ozmint himself will serve as special teams coach.

Ozmint and his staff have their work cut out for them, in the near and long term. Spring practice begins Wednesday and it’s a few short weeks before the spring game against Fairview at home on May 17.

A lot has to be done then and over the summer months.

“We haven’t installed anything yet,” Ozmint said. “The coaches have been meeting for three weeks but we haven’t been able to do anything with the players yet except weightlifting and conditioning.

“Obviously, we can’t put in our whole offense and defense in two weeks, but we’ll put in our base.”

• Well, it can now be revealed. Yesterday (or today, as I write this), I turned 60. Yes, a lot of folks lost money on that over/under.

Circumstances conspired to make this a memorable birthday, regardless of the number. The “official” opening night of “Avengers: End Game” just happened to be on my birthday, and yesterday afternoon I went with some friends, including Ken and Robin Gregory, to catch a matinee showing of the much-anticipated movie (again, as I write this, I haven’t yet seen it).

Then tomorrow, I will be headed to Louisville, Ky., with Michael St. John and Co. to participate in the AT&T Derby Festival Morning Line at the Kentucky Derby Museum on Monday and Tuesday.

Essentially, it’s a gathering of several radio stations whose on-air people broadcast their morning shows from the Derby site. St. John and WAFN-92.7 (Fun Radio) have done this for many years. It’s my first, and I’m excited about it and grateful that St. John asked me to join his crew when one of the regulars couldn’t make it.

So, if you want to hear me make a fool of myself talking horse racing, tune in from 6-9 a.m. on Monday and Tuesday.

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