One final point regarding last week’s Arab-West Point game that got lost in the madness of the big comeback was the Knights’ 200 percent improvement in clock management.

QB Ross Reynolds, head coach Lee Ozmint and offensive coordinator Michael Darden probably weren’t thinking too much about clock management when it was 35-14 West Point early in the third quarter.

But after the Knights roared back to take the lead ¬– and get the ball back – the offense showed dramatic improvement in draining the game clock. On second thought, I’m not really sure you can call it improvement because clock management was non-existent in the Boaz game as time wound down.

Arab’s offense left lots of time on the play clock time and again, and it nearly came back to bite them in the end.

Against West Point, it was obvious attention was paid to this area during the week of preparation leading up to the game.

• Because of a family emergency, Brindlee Mountain head coach Keith Garner had to miss his team’s game at Southeastern last Friday. That left the Lions with a coaching staff of two: Donny Stevens and Tim Hodson.

The Lions lost 49-0 to the surging 2A Mustangs, who’ve become a dangerous foe over the last two seasons.

Despite the lopsided score, things weren’t all bad for the Lions.

“Our sophomore quarterback, Will Compton, didn’t have that bad of a game,” Stevens said. “He did have a couple of picks, but those came from tips. He’s still learning and getting better.

“Christian Adams continues to play better. Effort and individual improvement are not always reflected in the scoreboard; they have a positive effect on the team in other ways.

“We just have to continue to work and try and stay healthy and keep moving ahead.”

• Some sad news: a long-ago friend and neighbor, Danny McNeal, passed away this week after a tough battle with cancer. He was 61.

Former teammates remember McNeal for this toughness.

“Pound for pound, he was the toughest football player at AHS in the 1975-76 season,” said Ken Holcomb. “I remember numerous times where he would literally almost knock out himself and/or whoever he hit.

“Games and practices, it didn’t matter.”

• Darren Rovell reported Thursday that the cheapest pair of tickets on StubHub for LSU at Texas were going for $994.01. It’s a big game, but that stadium holds 100,000-plus and, of course, it’s on TV.


By the way, the game has even more importance than the obvious. LSU folks think Texas coach Tom Herman used them to get a better deal when both schools were chasing him in 2016. Maybe that’s why LSU is such a big favorite (-6.5 at this writing) at Austin.

Another by the way: Just for fun, I like Texas A&M to defeat Clemson outright today.

But don’t bet the house on it.

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