Every year about this time, Brindlee Mountain coach Keith Garner reminds me, football season is just around the corner.

Yes, it’s still May, but Garner is right. I guess about this time every year, Garner is able to step back from the rigors of spring practice and see the big picture.

“It’s coming fast,” he’d usually say. “It won’t be too long now.”

To which I’d typically reply, “You’re right.”

Let’s see. In about a month, high school players will begin to ramp up summer workouts (enjoy those vacations, boys and girls, meaning volleyball players). There will be camps and play dates and such but time will fly. If this past school year is any indication, it’ll fly very fast.

And of course in college football, the SEC Media Days will take place July 15-18, returning to the Hyatt Regency Birmingham/Wynfrey Hotel, which has hosted the event all but once since 2001.

From today, that’s just about six weeks.

(FYI: Alabama’s Nick Saban is scheduled to appear on Wednesday, July 17, while Auburn’s Gus Malzahn will be on the podium the next day).

But back to Brindlee Mountain, which you can read about at the top of the page.

Garner’s coaching staff will consist of three assistants. Derek Brouillette, who will be the offensive coordinator and coach quarterbacks and running backs.

Donny Stevens will coach the offensive and defensive lines. And Joey White will handle receivers and defensive backs.

Garner will be more involved in the defense this year, he said, adding: “I’ll have my nose in everything.”

Garner said he’s “really looking forward to the fall.”

So am I.

• On page 6, you’ll see a couple of photos I had laying around that I wanted to use but never did. The Tribune allows readers to submit their “favorite photos,” so I take advantage of that forum (there are more coming).

I didn’t leave myself much room to describe the photo of Arab soccer player Dalton Hunt being honored on Senior Day, flanked by his parents, Trent and Laurie. I took the photo because Laurie couldn’t – for much of the past five or six years, she’s shot many of the photos that have been on the sports pages.

I figured I owed her at least that much.

But I really wanted to run the photo because of Dalton. We here at the Tribune have watched Dalton grow up and seen him visit his mother frequently (and before him, we got know his older brother Trevyn, who worked here briefly).

We saw more of Dalton beginning last summer as he went on a workout binge to get himself in top shape for his senior season in football. Then, early in the season, he got hurt, and it was all over.

It was depressing to see it unfold, but Dalton worked hard again and got back on the field for soccer season. Good for him.

Like I mentioned in the caption, Dalton graduated last night. Everyone at the Tribune congratulates Dalton and hopes for the best for both he and Trevyn.

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