Meet the Flacks

Super volunteers Missy and Marcus Flack

Boaz may have hosted the District II meet and Albertville the state meet, but it was Arab’s touch pads that were used at both swimming events.

That’s thanks largely to Marcus Flack, half of Arab’s super volunteer pair along with his wife, Missy.

Touch pads accurately record swimmers’ times and eliminate human error. Marcus made touch pad holders so that Arab’s pads could be utilized at three away meets, including the district and state.

“They are a Godsend,” said Angel Nunley, President of the Arab Riptide’s Board of Directors. “Without them, the Arab swim team would not be what it is.

“With Marcus’s creativity and Missy’s patience, District II is the best ARPA swim district in the state. The two of them go above and beyond to make sure that every swimmer has the best chance possible to be the best they can be – not just for our team, but for our county, district and state.”

Missy is the team’s treasurer. She buys everything, including ribbons/awards and concession supplies. She also does the score-keeping, runs the computer, builds all the databases for the meets, keeps up with all the entries and paperwork, and this year ran the computer for the district and state meets.

She also also handles getting together all of the Riptide’s paperwork for the district meet.

Marcus is the team’s district representative. He works with other teams and helps keep up with rules. He is the meet director responsible for set-up and running home meets. He takes care of all swim team equipment and runs a secondary laptop.

And if that wasn’t enough, Marcus is DJ Jazzy Flack and PA announcer for home meets, too.

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