Latham scores for Brewer

Walker Latham (15) flies into the end zone for Brewer’s only score against Sardis last Friday.

Like half the teams in the state, Brewer’s players and coaches are saying this week, at least it wasn’t a region game.

That’s true, but Brewer’s 12-7 loss to Sardis last week still stung. For one thing, it was homecoming. For another, the opponent was supposed to go down quietly, as many homecoming foes do. Sardis entered the game 2-2 but had a couple of bad losses on its slate.

Patriots head coach Matt Plunkett certainly took the loss hard.

“We are lacking leadership and focus at the top and that falls on Matt Plunkett,” he said. “The purity of high school football lives inside the heart and we are not very pure as a football team.

“We’ve got work to do and some key changes have been made. The challenges get bigger this week with Russellville.”

Russellville is a 5A, Region 8 opponent and a good one. The Golden Tigers are 3-3 overall but 3-0 in Region 8 games. They beat Brewer 52-0 last season and hold an 8-0 advantage on the Patriots all-time.

And this time, the game is at Russellville.

But Plunkett is less concerned with the Golden Tigers than he is of his own team. He wants to see his upperclassmen step up. And he really wants his offense to get it together.

“I’ve been very proud of our young players who are fighting hard,” he said. “We need some big-time, serious leadership from our senior and junior class if we are going to get this team in the state playoffs.

“All cards are still on the table and we have the potential at Brewer.”

The defense played outstanding again against Sardis, but the offense could generate only one score: a 25-yard TD pass from Caden Childers to Walker Latham. The Patriots fell to 3-3 but are still 2-1 in the region.

“The Brewer defense continues to play very hard. I’ve been proud of the effort,” Plunkett said. “We had our backs against the wall Friday night multiple times and gave the football back to the offense.

“We don’t have the spark we need on offense right now and it’s my job to make the adjustments to create fire within the program so we can fight our way out of the darkness. I believe in our kids and I’m gonna ask a lot of them over the coming weeks.

“We are gonna get this team turned around. I have no doubt.”

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