Bryleigh Bodine

Bryleigh Bodine (21) brings the ball up the court against Boaz on Monday. Bodine is still recovering from knee surgery but has great potential, accordiing to her teammates.

Usually, it’s the seniors who lead the team. That’s not exactly the case with the Arab High girls basketball team this season.

And that’s just fine with the Lady Knights’ four seniors.

“We have experienced underclassmen and with them and us, I think we’ll step up and win,” said Tatum Monroe, one of the seniors. “We’ll be a fun show to watch.”

The other seniors are Kate Collins, Aspen Miller and Mary Kate Hallman. There are no juniors but there are lots of sophomores and freshmen with “great skills,” said assistant coach Terance Maze.

The seniors see their role as bringing leadership to the court, during games, of course, but perhaps more importantly, during practice.

“Every day we go to the gym, we make sure we have great energy,” Collins said. “We get those girls ready to practice every day.”

There is genuine admiration of the young kids by the seniors.

“We’ve got to have them to win,” Monroe said. “Laney Kelley is a great shooter. All of them are good. They’re going to be something big one day.”

Kelley, a 5-11 sophomore, led the Lady Knights in scoring against Albertville last Friday with 13. Sydney Ferguson, another sophomore, led the team in scoring in the home opener Monday with eight. Bryleigh Bodine, who is coming back from a knee injury, has played well, according to Maze and head coach Brad Kitchens.

“She’s going to play college ball one day,” Monroe predicted in the preseason.

But the seniors are doing their part, too. Miller has been among the team’s leading scorers in the early games.

And then there’s that valuable leadership.

“I feel like my role is to get everybody moving, get people excited, especially at practice,” Collins said. “I want to bring that high energy.”

“We’ve made a lot of progress as a team,” Maze said. “We can get better every single day.

“With hard work and great attitudes, we can do that. And so far, we’ve done that, every day.”

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