Arab cheerleaders headed to Snead

From left: Gracie Ridgeway, Baylee Williams and Anna Leigh Chastain.

Three Arab High School cheerleaders will be trading in their blue Arab uniforms for the blue of Snead State this fall.

All three girls were members of Arab’s 2018 Class 5A State Championship team and the 2017 and 2019 State Runner-Up Competition teams.

The girls attended a two-day camp and a tryout day recently before being selected to cheer for the Parsons.

Gracie Ridgeway, the daughter of Todd and Amy Ridgeway, began cheering with the Arab Recreation Center and Arab Youth Athletics before becoming an Arab High High School cheerleader. Gracie plans to complete her basic courses and participate in the nursing program at Snead, then transfer to a university and specialize in an area of the medical field.

Baylee Williams, the daughter of Nathan and Amanda Williams, has been cheering since she was 2 years old with the Arab Recreation Center, followed by Arab Youth Athletics, Arab Junior High and Arab High School. She plans to major in criminal justice at Snead then transfer to Auburn University to pursue a degree in forensics, while participating in the new partnership between Auburn and the FBI.

Anna Leigh Chastain, the daughter of Amanda and Daryl Grace and Josh Chastain, started cheering when she was 7 years old as a Peak competition cheerleader before cheering for Arab Junior High and Arab High School. She plans to complete her basic courses at Snead while deciding on her future career, somewhere in the medical field.

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