What if you were crippled or had a debilitating disease that confined you to a wheelchair and you couldn’t get out of your house, even with the help of a caretaker?

Then one Saturday a crew of workmen with a truckload of tools and lumber shows up, spends the day at your house, and when they leave, you have a regulation-built wheelchair ramp that you can “travel” on, with or without the help of your caretaker. Do you think that would change your life?

What if you got up one morning and the only thing you could find in your house to eat was a single pack of snack crackers?

And then someone shows up at your door with a large bag of fresh vegetables just gathered from a garden the day before.

Think that would change your life?

What if you had so many leaks in your roof that a “mine field” of buckets dotting your floors were permanent fixtures. Then a few workmen show up with everything needed to repair or replace your roof – no more leaks.

Would that change your life?

What if there were cracks around your doors and windows that let the howling winter winds come inside to add more chill to your already unheated living space?

Then someone comes out to install weather stripping and perform other weatherizing tricks to keep the cold out, so that the heater they brought with them can do a better job of keeping you warm.

Would that bring hope of a better life to your days?

What if you lived alone and your phone never rings, and the mailman never stops at your box? Then you start to get calls from someone who is “just checking to see how you are feeling today,” or receive greeting cards in your box that say “Thinking of You Today” or remembering your birthday or a special holiday.

Would that make your days brighter?

These are not hypothetical life conditions. I did not make this up. These are the exact real-life circumstances of hundreds of our neighbors throughout Marshall County.

And the life-changing remedies described here are provided routinely by volunteer “servants” who breathe life into the mission of CASA, which is “To provide care assistance to the elderly and homebound of Marshall County, enabling them to live safely, independently, with dignity at home.”

Without these volunteer workers, and those who contribute financially to cover material costs and other expenses, this mission could not be fulfilled.

CASA has a slogan that reminds us, “What you do in a day will change someone’s life forever.”

Think about it. More volunteers and more financial support would change more lives. If that mission touches your heart, why not think about it out loud with someone at CASA who would love to hear those thoughts and help you put them into action?

You can reach that someone at CASA at 256-677-7222 or ShirleyHolland7@live.com. Remember, what you do in a day will change someone’s life forever.

Jean McCrady,

P.O. Box 765

Guntersville 35876

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