Arab officials remain confident local youngsters will be visiting the new splash pad at Arab City Park this summer, and Arab’s mayor has a meeting set with the school superintendent about building a new road to relieve school traffic.

“The workers were back today so hopefully it will be ready by the end of the month,” Arab Park and Recreation Director Eric Hayes told the city council Monday.

Weather and other factors could still play a role on exactly when the splash pad, located next to the swimming pool, will be open to the public.

“If everything goes well, it could be ready in 10 working days but certainly by the Fourth of July you should see the splash pad open,” said Mayor Joslin. ”I know a lot of kids and their parents have been waiting for it and we’re all looking forward to making that available as soon as we can.”

Joslin also told the council Monday he has a meeting scheduled with Arab City Schools Superintendent John Mullins about partnering with the city on building a road from behind Arab Primary School to 12th Avenue Northwest through a newly acquired 20-acre parcel, primarily to help alleviate some of the traffic congestion in the area when parents are dropping off or picking up their children.

“We know about where the road should be on the property to maximize it’s use in the future, but it will take some work from a traffic engineering firm to determine just how to integrate that road onto 12th,” said Joslin.

“This will be a new road, and we need to look real hard at what the total cost of that project will be before we get too far into this,” added Councilman Mike Allen.  

In other discussion:

• Lighting

New lighting on U.S. 231 could be coming relatively soon.

Arab Mayor Bob Joslin asked Arab Electric Co-op manager Scott Spence several months ago about better lighting on the state highway and some activity is already taking place.

“Scott Spence has been a great guy to work with,” he told the city council Monday. “We partnered with the co-op several months ago and he got TVA’s engineers to look at our parkway from Warehouse Groceries all the way down to the southern city limits.

They came back with a plan of reinstalling LED lighting, primarily using existing poles. There’s going to be a test using three lights in a relatively dark area of the highway to see how well it lights the road and if it works out well, we plan to do the entire project. Once that decision is made, it should happen pretty fast. It’s very doable,” he said.

The LED lights will use less wattage but should provide more light.

“Energy consumption is greatly reduced and the lighting is greatly improved so it will be a win for everybody,” said Joslin.

• Sewer work

The council approved a resolution awarding a bid of $783,812.50 to Mitchell Contracting for a sewer improvement project. The city was approved for an approximate $450,000 Community Development Block grant for the work last year, which will consist of repairing and updating sewer lines in an area near the local nursing home primarily east of South Main Street and south of Fry Gap Road.

“They’ll be replacing the old clay tile and it will really help in that area and also in a part of the downtown area in particular,” Joslin said.

He said the grant is specifically for the sewer department and the city only administers the grant.

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