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Want to help your neighbors who might be down on their luck?

Beginning with this month’s electric bills, members of Arab Electric Cooperative can participate in Project Share, created by AEC executive-in-charge Stacey White and AEC board president Charles Whisenant.

On your AEC bill will be a check box (see photo) for you to mark indicating you want to round up your electric bill to the next dollar. The difference will be donated to Arab Emergency Relief Fund to be used solely to pay the electric bills of residents who need a one-time assistance.

Applications won’t be accepted until March 1 to give the donations time to come in and build up the account.

“Project Share is a community development program funded by voluntary contributions from Arab Electric members,” White said. “This is a volunteer program in which members agree to have their utility bill ‘rounded up’ to the next whole dollar amount. The extra money paid on a utility bill, which is really a donation, goes towards helping the less fortunate pay their utility bills.”

For example, if your electric bill is $125.10, and you want to participate, check the box on your bill and you’ll pay $126, with the extra 90 cents going to the Arab Emergency Relief Fund.

That money will only be used to assist with electric bills, said Whisenant, who asked that Project Share be created several months ago.

“Your pocket change has never been so powerful,” White said. “Arab Electric is excited to partner with our members to offer this program to those in need.”

Members can also donate larger amounts to the cause by sending or delivering a donation to AEC, located on U.S. 231, just south of the overpass.

Beginning March 1, those wanting to apply for assistance should call: AEC, 256-586-3188. Information will be passed on to the AERF for approval.

Note: Tribune editor Charles Whisenant is president of the AEC board of trustees.

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