Laura Upton

Laura Upton is president of the Arab Mothers' Club.

I have always considered myself a “city girl.”

Being originally from Atlanta, I was not sure how I would fare in the small town of Arab. After my first visit here, I remember thinking, “How do they survive without a Chick-Fil-A, Chipotle, or even a mall?”

I was fortunate enough to end up here after falling in love with my handsome hubby, Mark Upton.

He is an Arab original through and through, and I love that he knows almost everyone, everywhere we go in town.

Seven years later, we now have two sons and I am very thankful to be raising them here, in wonderful Arab – the place where I have made genuine lifelong friends, and I have experienced firsthand the community coming together to support its own.

The hardest thing our family has endured is losing Mark’s mother, Judy, at such a young age to cancer. Not only did this town and its people provide us with more than a month’s worth of food, but they loved on and supported us when we needed it most.

I still feel that love and support to this day.

Nearly four years ago, I was asked to join Arab Mothers’ Club and I am so glad that I did. I have met so many marvelous women who want to spend their extra time doing all within their power to help out our school system.

We are truly blessed with the best teachers and administrators who only want the best for our children.

Arab Mothers’ Club’s mission is to support the Arab City School system in any possible way, whether it’s through meeting a benevolence need, volunteerism or fundraising. We have been around for a whopping 70 years now and have donated more than $130,000 in the last 10 years alone.

Those funds have allowed us to provide classroom tools, motivational speakers, scholarships, field trips and help with school beautification projects, just to name a few. All of this is made possible by the hard work and dedication of our members and the awesome generosity of our community and local businesses.

The annual Holiday Bazaar is one of Arab Mothers’ Club’s annual fundraising events. At this year’s bazaar, we will have more than 75 vendors selling a wide range of items such as crafts, home décor, baked goods, clothing, jewelry and much more.

We also will have three big ticket raffle items including a Green Egg Grill, RTIC Cooler, and a $200 cash prize.

And please look for the amazing silent auction section on the stage with many terrific items donated from businesses in our town.

Arab Mother’s Club’s bazaar does offer breakfast and lunch options, so you needn’t worry about going hungry while shopping. We also will continue our yearly tradition of a bake sale with some delicious homemade desserts to take home with you.

The 48th Annual Arab Mother’s Club Bazaar is scheduled for 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. Saturday at the Arab Junior High School gymnasium.

Please come out and get a head start on your holiday shopping, while also supporting your local schools and children.

Thank you Arab for your continued support.

The 2018 bazaar chairs are Kenley Orr and Katie Beth Thompson and our silent auction chair is Angie Bell.

Tje 2018-2019 Mothers’ Club members are: Angie Bell, Natalie Burke, Elaina Franks, Manda Galloway, Kathryn Green, Ashley Gronczniak, Carrie-Anne Guess, Brooke Hemphill, LeighAnna Hornsby, Jessica Jennings, LeeAnne Jernigan, Brittany Johnson, Ginny Lambert, Megan Light, Jade Mann, Hannah Matlock, Christy McDonald, Jessica Oden, Dorisa Miller, Kenley Orr, Renee Parker, Erin Thompson, Katie Beth Thompson, Laura Upton, Jessica Watts, and Amanda White.

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