Greyson Whisenant at the sign Arab erected

After three years of fighting with the county and state, numerous petitions, phone calls and e-mails, Kari Whisenant finally got a sign in her neighborhood warning motorists that an autistic child lives in the area.

And all it took was moving to Arab, where “people care,” she said.

Though Whisenant’s son Greyson is 10 years old, he has the mind of a much younger child.

“He doesn’t register danger,” Whisenant said. “If we don’t watch him very closely, he might dart out into the street because he doesn’t know he shouldn’t do that.”

That fear is what led her to ask for a warning sign.

She formerly lived in the unincorporated part of Marshall County and the county commission didn’t have such a sign, nor did the state – and, they wouldn’t approve one for Whisenant.

When they moved to Arab, Whisenant talked to Arab Street Department Director Helen Stone, who approved the sign, which has been erected in Whisenant’s north Arab neighborhood.

Whisenant said she is grateful to those who helped her along the way in getting the sign approved.

“We’re so thankful,” she said. “I hope this goes on to keep so many more babies safe.”

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As an Autistic person who grew up around here, I know how Arab is about autism. The kids might be accepting, but there are far too many ableist adults who will tell you your child needs ABA “therapy” to “fix” him so he’ll “act normal.” Your neighbors may be nice, but not everyone around here is thoughtful or caring. Especially if he has any non verbal periods. They’ll take it as disrespect. There are too many entitled parents and Karen’s around here. Please make sure you know the people you allow to be around your child regularly.

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