Arab Mayor Bob Joslin sent a letter to the Arab Sewer Department in July asking for information. He’s finally getting that information at the next Arab City Council meeting on Monday, Oct. 18.

Joslin told the council Monday night that the sewer board and sewer department manager John Barnes would make a presentation on Oct. 18.

“We sent them a letter a couple of months ago and asked them to provide us with a map showing us where the sewer lines are in the city, what size lines are available, and any of their plans to expand in the future,” Joslin said. “We need the map for when anyone comes in planning to build, whether it’s housing or industrial development, that needs to see our how our infrastructure is laid out. We don’t have that right now. As for the expansion, our rates are among the highest in the state and in order to get the rates down we have to expand the customer base, but it has to be attractive to people for them to want to hook on to the sewer and make that happen.”

Joslin told the Tribune Tuesday that it can be embarrassing when he can’t provide a map to developers showing where the lines are, how big the lines are, etc.

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