One has to wonder if the Reliford family is cursed.

Martha Reliford was one of three people killed in Guntersville last Friday in what Guntersville police are calling four cases of capital murder.

Reliford grew up in Parches Cove near Union Grove. She is the third member of her family to be murdered. Police haven’t said yet exactly how she died.

In 2007, her sister Ruby Hardin, was shot and killed in Huntsville, and in 1995, their brother, Pat Reliford Jr., was shot and killed in Parches Cove.

Jimmy O’Neal Spencer, 52, a homeless ex-convict, is accused of the four murders in Guntersville.

Guntersville Police Chief Jim Peterson said Spencer is originally from Franklin County but had been in the Guntersville area since about January, sleeping on park benches and occasionally in a motel room.

Spencer spent more than 20 years in prison on burglary charges.

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The question should be what does this family get up to that is causing them to be such a target...drugs, lack of education, no home training...if you live like a savage you will certainly end it the same way...not hard to figure out in this area it's full of drug addicts and lowlifes has anyone ever met a decent reliford that isn't addicted to drugs? I doubt lessons here drug abuse and poor education lead to premature death

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