When reapportionment happened after the 2010 Census, Marshall County was cut up into five Alabama House of Representative districts. For many years, it had two House districts.

Now it does again.

At the time, then-Rep. Wes Long, who represented the Guntersville and Arab areas in the House, said he didn’t like it, but there was nothing he could do.

“It would be better for my district to be all in Marshall County,” Long told the Tribune at the time, “but it just didn’t work out that way. You can’t win them all. I have to fight for what I can win.”

During a special session of the Alabama House of Representatives two weeks ago, Marshall County was made whole again – going back to having two House districts.

They are District 27 (the Arab and Guntersville areas) and District 26 (the Boaz and Albertville areas).

Marshall County still has just one Senate district – District 9.

The changes will take place with the 2022 election cycle. The primaries are in May.

The goal of reapportionment is to keep districts as close to the same population as possible.

In 2010, the Legislature used a 1-percent deviation plan, meaning each district could be plus or minus 1 percent from the next district.

This year, the Legislature used a 5-percent deviation plan. The goal was to have about 47,500 people in each House District.

District 27 now has about 49,800 people (plus 3 percent) and District 26 now has about 49,000.

“The goal was to keep counties and precincts whole,” said Rep. Wes Kitchens, R-Arab. “In 2010, they broke county lines and precinct lines and we didn’t want to do that.”

One of his top priorities when running for the House was to get Marshall County back down to having only two House members.

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