The Alabama State Games are currently looking for 13U baseball teams to take part in our gold-medal baseball tournament June 9-11 in Jefferson County, Alabama. We are looking for athletes of all ages and abilities to be a part of the annual Olympic-styled showcase.

Consider this a personal invitation to be a part of history and the 40th Anniversary Alabama State Games. Because we are so looking forward to having teams be a part of our event - we are offering 13U baseball teams a special registration price of $100 per team with a guarantee of 4 games. (The guarantee depends on the number of teams who register).

Additional event information can be found at

To give you a little detail about our Foundation, we are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization established in 1982 at the request of the US Olympic Committee. We, as an organization, use sports as a vehicle to emphasize and encourage good academics, a healthy lifestyle and good citizenship. Being modeled after the Olympics, our organization works hard to give each athlete a unique experience only found at the Alabama State Games. 

Creating an atmosphere where the athlete is the center is integral to the Opening Ceremony. The Athletes - from different regions of the state - are welcomed into the venue as part of the Parade of Athletes and then, in unison, recite the Oath of the Athlete. Opening Ceremony as a celebration of the athlete culminates with the lighting of the flame signaling the start of the Alabama State Games.

With a mission-driven focus on education, the participating athletes are eligible to win one of 17 scholarships ranging in value from $500 to $4,000 and are given a 40th Anniversary Commemorative T-shirt during the Opening Ceremony. The Alabama State Games has awarded more than $335,000 in academic scholarships to date. 

But - to be gifted the free 40th Anniversary T-shirt and eligible for the scholarship drawing - athletes registered to compete must participate in the Opening Ceremony.

The 40th Anniversary Alabama State Games Opening Ceremony will be telecast live statewide across the Alabama State Games Television Network.

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