The Arab Water Works discontinued adding fluoride to the local water supply Wednesday morning, despite an effort by board member Dr. Catharine Willis to allow customers to vote on the issue.

At Tuesday night’s water board meeting, attorney Tim Cummings of the law firm of Bradley, Arant, Boult, Cummings LLP in Huntsville that represented the board during the fluoride lawsuit, briefly reviewed the 8-0 Alabama Supreme Court decision in late December establishing the independence of the board, and, its denial on March 20th to the City of Arab’s application to rehear the case that ended the appeals process. 

The city of Arab had sued the water board because of the issue last February in an effort to enforce its own resolutions as they relate to public health.

Arab’s water was first fluoridated in 1972 following an order by the city commission, presumably at the request of the water board itself.

Marshall County Circuit Judge Tim Riley also entered an order March 20 that dissolved the preliminary injunction that he had entered about a year before.

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That oughta stop your post-War Commie conspiracy.


Congratulations to The Arab Water Works for acting in the public interest ln eliminating fluoride in drinking water. Your community has joined the vast majority of would population who rejects fluoridation.

The 70 year old science of forced fluoridation is simply wrong and dangerous, but other big money schemes with the wrong science hung on for years, like tobacco, DDT, lead in gasoline, and asbestos. We eventually learned the truth.

So, it will take some time to overcome the fluoridation scheme, but 95% of the world, including China, Japan, and 97% of Europe, have already rejected it.

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