Brindlee Mountain Seniors 2022

Brindlee Mountain High School Class of 2022

Brindlee Mountain High School’s graduation ceremony is Monday night (May 23) at the football field (in the gym for bad weather). Seniors graduating in 2022 are: Kayla Abernathy, Dakota Allen, Stormy Beasley, Kaleb Birckbichler, Hunter Blakely, Clyde Boatright, Dylan Brown, Andrew Byars, Rodney Byers, Natasha Calahan, Saundra Calvert, Kolby Cantrell, Faith Carter, Allie Casey, Marcus Chadwick, Logan Childers, Braxton Childress, Kailyn Childress, Deanna Cluxton, Arreyonia Collins, Abigail Cook, Robert “Brandon” Cook, Emily Crowder, Emma Davis, Ales Delgado, Toby Dixon, Deven Edmonds, Emma Elliott, Lucia Fernandez, Andres Flores, Nathaniel Foshee, Phillip Foshee, Olivia Fry, Austin Garrison, James Geckles, Olivia Hardin, McCallister “Finn” Heatherly, Emily Hellums, Brooklyn Hovers, Herbert Hughes, Tyler Jordan, William “Taylor” King, Race Kirby, Chantzley Kirkland, Adriana “Adri” Knepper, Haley Leach, Damian Loucakis, Luis Marcelo, Bryan “Edwin” Mendez, Kameron Momoh, Angelica “Angel” Montgomery, Tiera Moore, Isayah Morris, Katherina “Kathy” Palacios, Evelyn Panaino, Katie Pate, Nicholas “Nick” Perkins, Hunter Pugh, Hailey Reliford, Laura Riggs, Gabriela Rodriguez, Johan Rodriguez, Savanna-Belle Saint, Maria “Esther” Sales, Caleb Scott, Jennifer “Lexi” Smallwood, Landon “Drake” Smith, Ethan Thomas, Kelsie Thomas, Jaxson Tolbert, Reece Trumbull, Kelsie Tyler, Chelsy Walker, Andon West, Justin “Blake” Westbrook, Kylie Westbrook, Matthew Westmoreland, Patience Westmoreland, Logan White, Kyleigh Wilks, Hailey Willis and Jessica Wright.

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