The Marshall County Board of Edaucation approved summer travel requests and personnel actions, including several at Brindlee Mountain Schools, at its recent meeting.

Items approved were:

n New employees 

• Maston Edmonds, Brindlee Mountain High School special education teacher.

• Amanda Stephens, Brindlee Mountain Primary School teacher.

• Morgan Garrison, Brindlee Mountain Primary School teacher.

• Krista Lacey, school nurse at Brindlee Mountain Elementary.

• Kathy Davis, DAR campus as a CNP worker.

• Dawn Morrow Hilley, Sloman Primary special education teacher.

• Amanda Brown, Asbury campus as a CNP stock clerk/janitor.

• Casey Ashley, early childhood auxiliary teacher at Asbury Elementary School.

• Karla Glover, school nurse at the DAR campus.

• Elizabeth Barnes, school nurse DAR campus.

• McKenzie Hardin as the school nurse at Claysville School.

• Kristen Cooper, Douglas High School math teacher.

• Chasity Stewart, Douglas High School custodian.

• Roberta St. John Ross, Marshall Technical medical prep teacher.

• Jennifer Brock, Douglas High School bookkeeper.

• Brian Sauls, Douglas High School assistant principal.

n Resignations/retirement

• Jennifer Britnell, RN at Brindlee Mountain High School, resignation.

• Keith Buchanan, principal at DAR Elementary, retirement.

n Transfers 

• Alysha Borum, teacher from Brindlee Mountain High School to teacher at DAR High School.

• Denise Stanley, CNP stock clerk/janitor for Brindlee Mountain High School to CNP worker at Asbury School.

• William Ballew a teacher from Brindlee Mountain High School to assistant principal Brindlee Mountain High School.

• Amanda (Mandy) Garmany as school nurse from Brindlee Mountain Elementary School to Brindlee Mountain High School in same position.

• Jennifer Morrison from Brindlee Mountain High School teacher to Douglas High School instructional assistant principal.

• Allison Lindsay, CNP assistant manager at Douglas High School to CNP assistant manager for Asbury School.

• Chris Chaffin, a career coach for Marshall Technical to Marshall Technical counselor.

• Jane Grimes, Douglas High School assistant principal to alternative school instructional assistant principal.

n Leaves of absence 

• Kristen Mize, teacher at Brindlee Mountain Primary School, effective Sept. 23 through Jan. 6.

• Alisa Brazelton, teacher at Douglas Elementary School, effective Aug. 19 through Oct. 3.

n Travel

 • Brad Oliver, instructor at the Marshall Technical School, will be traveling to Frisco, Texas, from July 21-27 as part of ASE instructor update training.

• Janna Bonds and Carla Thornton will travel to Atlanta from July 7-11 for PowerSchool University training.

• Chris Chaffin, Marshall Technical career coach, will travel to Orlando, Flo., from July 6-13 to the National JAG conference and training.

• Ashley McCollum, parents as teacher director, PAT National Center, to St. Louis, Missouri, from Oct. 13-18.

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