2019 Arab High School graduating class

Arab High School’s commencement ceremony is set for 7 p.m. Friday night at the Arab High School SportsPlex (new football stadium), located off Old Huntsville Highway. For inclement weather, the ceremony would be moved to the Arab High School auditorium, located next to AHS. In that event, each graduate will be given a limited number of tickets to share with family and friends. They following is the AHS graduating class of 2019: Peyton Allen , Madison Anderson, Sydnie Bailey, Katlyn Banks, Lauren Barnett, William Bastista, Ashley Bell, Riley Belrose, Dalton Belyeu, Haley Bennefield, McKenzie Berry, Heather Blackburn, Tyler Blair, Dakota Bonner, Ben Brazelton, Payton Breeding, Bailey Bridges, Beth Bridges, Andrew Brown, Claire Brown, Kevin Brown, Shae Brown, Hannah Bunch, Adam Burden, Blake Burgett, Haley Byrams, Madison Carroll, Joei Chandler, Levi Chandler, Caitlin Clark, Morgan Clark, Chase Cole, Elena Cortez, Evan Cox, Dylan Culbertson, Kel Cullins, Tyler Culpepper, Gracie Davidson, Ian Davis, Jasmine Davis, Kacie Dellacasa, Gage Dixon, Tiffany Dowdy, Jackson Embry, Dawson England, Steven Eubanks, Mackenzie Francis, Avery Franklin, Will Franklin, Hannah Fuller, Audrey Glass, Collin Golden, Mason Golden, Caitlin Green, Chandler Green, Nicholas Green, Zachary Gregg, Anna Katherine Griggs, Ashley Haga, Brianna Hall, Harrison Hall, Tegan Hanavan, Jeremy Harris, Jonah Harris, Emma Hawkins, Gail Hetherington, Drew Hetler, Lakyn Hile, Layne Hill, Chela Hinojosa, Junior Hix, Emma Holmes, Brittaney Howard, Erin Hudgins, Dalton Hunt, Ridge Hunt, Alexis Hyatt, Taylor Isom, Desiree Jackson, Cooper Johnson, Hannah Johnson, Joshua Jones, Levi Kennamer, Kyle King, Austin Lackey, Kaigan Lamar, Dakota LaRue, Maggie Lopez, Beth Lundgren, Zack Malone, Bailey Mann, Abel Marquette, Ian Martin, Joseph Martin, Britney Mays, Bailey Maze, Taylor Maze, Garrett McClendon, Brittany McGinnis, Ethan McNeese, Linley McNeese, Hamil Miller, Maggie Minter, Natalie Mullins, Thomas Lynn Murphy, Grace Narrell, Jordan NeSmith, JP Nguyen, Paula Nguyen, Bradley Parker, Savannah Perkins, Bailey Phillips, Gloriannah Phillips, Laura Pike, Kyler Pittman, Spencer Ponder, Grace Pritchett, Nate Pruett, Anna Quillin, Shelby Rankin, Carson Reed, Haydn Rinehart, Cameron Roberts, Brittney Sanchez, Hailey Satterfield, Alli Scarbrough, Leah Schmitt, Stephen Schmitt, Megan Schwarze, Caitlin Shedd, Kegan Shuler, Jae Sidwell, Cole Simmons, Joshua Smallwood, Claudia Smith, Olivia Sparks, Sammy Tankersley, Alyssa Thomas, Zane Thomas, Cody Wagner, Tyler Wallace, Morgan Weaver, Caroline Webster, Caleb Whaley, Samuel Whaley, Madison Whisenant, Colby White, Ashlyn Whitlow, Hunter Wilemon, Caroline Williams, Sydney Willis, Tristen Wilson, Jack Yarbrough and John York.

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