Two people were arrested in Arab for heroin, a third will be, and another was arrested for mushrooms in the past two weeks.

About 5:30 p.m. Friday, Arab police and paramedics were called to the parking lot of Arab Meat Market on South Main Street because a man had overdosed on heroin, while riding in a vehicle.

Arab Assistant Police Chief Shane Washburn said three men, Charles Coe Lyons, Cody Ray NeSmith and Jonathan Lee Tedder were in the vehicle when Lyons allegedly said that he “felt like he was about to die.”

“They pulled into the parking lot there, and one of them started CPR on Lyons because he apparently stopped breathing and lost consciousness,” Washburn said. “Once Arab EMS got there, they took over the CPR and gave him a shot of Narcan, which brought him back.”

Narcan is a drug used by emergency responders on people who have overdosed on opioids.

One of the men allegedly told officers that Lyons had just shot up heroin, Washburn said.

“As we were interviewing Tedder and NeSmith, officers noticed drug paraphernalia in plain view in the vehicle,” Washburn said.

During a search of the vehicle officers allegedly found a black bag that contained multiple syringes.

“We also found (0.8) grams of crystal meth and 5.3 grams of heroin,” Washburn said.

Anything more than 4 grams of heroin is considered trafficking, a felony.

Lyons, 25, of Stoney Brooke Drive near Union Grove, was taken to Marshall Medical Center North to be treated.

Tedder, 37, of Birmingham, and NeSmith, 35, of Union Grove Road, were taken to Arab City Jail.

They are charged with

• Possession of drug paraphernalia;

• Possession of crystal meth;

• Drug trafficking.

Washburn said Lyons will be charged with the same crimes.

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