As I sit on my darkened porch I am thrilled by the numerous reports and brilliant bursts of colored flashes of mortars launched into a perfect evening sky. The smell of black powder drifts through my front yard as I stand and yell “Freedom!”

Last year was not as raucous. A great number of you stayed home treating your family members, friends and strangers as pariahs.

Our families were separated by those “essential” first responders and we were ordered not to hug or hold our loved ones as they died because of the insanity that darkened the country.

Last year we gave up our freedoms for the sake of “security.” You masked up believing the end was near and it was for a number of the targeted 70+ age group of the vile China Flu released by the communist Chinese government with the blessing of bureaucrats in ours.

You lived in fear of something you could not perceive as being innocuous but believed the propaganda and indoctrination of “essential” experts.”

This continues to this day. If the socialists have their way this will continue in perpetuity. This, to me, is domestic terrorism!

This year our Department of Justice declared that white people, baby boomers, ex-military, those of us that display our American flag with pride and honor those of us that believe this is a constitutional republic and not a democracy, are white supremacists and domestic terrorists.

When an un-elected bureaucrat (Merrick Garland) or an elected one (Joe Biden) tells me I am a white supremacist because of these things I should cower and repent and change my beliefs and ideology about living in a free constitutional republic and the way I go about it.

Shove it. This insane accusation is domestic terrorism.

I don’t care what color you are, I care about your character. I don’t like you if you voted with the democrat socialist party.

I can’t change your banal thinking. I would like to somehow, but we all know that is not going to happen. You are entrenched in your ideology and I in mine.

In the military I swore to protect our constitutional republic from all enemies foreign and domestic. I fear that I will not know who is our enemy unless I base that fear on the discourse from Washington, D.C., that I should fear a fellow citizen based on the color of his/her skin. We all bleed red don’t we? What a crock.

What I do care about are the children and one day the children of their children. What is to become of these fragile minds?

Especially with the advent of CRT being forced on captive children in classrooms. How can parents be assured that one day their children will live in this country with peace and dignity and full unsupressed rights given to us by God.

I don’t know.

I don’t have any of the answers to that question. I can tell you that equality changed to equity with the advent of the common core teaching doctrine, designed to harvest data on our children from birth to graduation.

Designed by Marxists and elitists to “level” the field so all our kids have equity in outcomes. Everybody gets the same grade. Everyone gets a trophy.

How do we stop this implosion?

The real domestic terrorists are the democrat/socialist/marxist party led by Obama’s army of BLM and ANTIFA. They have burned and looted and murdered indiscriminately especially in poor black neighborhoods.

Emboldened by immediate release from jail with no consequences for their actions allows them to do the same thing again, without recourse.

This is domestic terrorism.

They have planned this moment in our history since the 1960s. They are collapsing the capitalist economic system by overloading the welfare state.

That is, allowing the invasion of our country at the southern border paying these illegal immigrants with money that we don’t have, that we have to borrow from the CCP. This will implode the “middle class” of our society and force dependence on the federal government.

Please read about the Cloward/Piven plan to achieve communism by implementing this heinous action.

This is domestic terrorism.

I am adamant that if we do not speak truth to power our constitutional republic is doomed. All of you that agree with these statements and truth need to express it to our elected officials, school boards, city, county and state officials starting today.

We’re already behind the eight ball.

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Who approved the racist, anti-science rant from a fascist bootlicker?


Was this supposed to be a Paid Ad by a Ranting Lunatic? Please, God tell me a legitimate newspaper did not print this hate filled, misinformation spewing garbage under the guise of an 'Editorial'. One immediately wonders how a person could smell gunpowder under those sheets though, doesn't one?


Is this article designed to continue the stereotype that people from Arab are classless idiots? Do the editors and staff agree with this nonsense? Apparently the author has no idea what CRT, Marxism, or socialism is. Does anyone else at the paper know?

This is embarrassing.


It's both embarrassing and shameful that supposed journalists would allow this free-associative nonsense to be published. Absolutely appalling. And no- it doesn't reflect well on Arab AT ALL when other people see it being included on the town's news site.


I don't expect the Tribune to fact check any of what he wrote, but please tell us you've hooked this guy up with a mental health professional.


What the fuck is THIS??! Wow.

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