When a person cannot dispute facts they usually take one of two courses – they attack the author or change the subject. Mr. Burt did both in his letter (“McGovern was right and Sortor had no sources,” June 5, The Arab Tribune.)

I did not include the dozens of references used to compile the data due to the space constraints afforded a comment letter. I have since sent Mr. Burt all of the references he could have easily found.

I have them available to anyone else desiring them.

I am concerned with the rest of his letter. Instead of offering any reason Alabama is near the top of many bad lists and near the bottom of many good lists he chose to comment on the only subject area he could justify with his interpretation of the Bible.

Mr. Burt’s definition of my “ad nauseam” support of LGBTQ must mean twice within 16 data points. Even then, it was only as how it can economically effect the people of Alabama.

Mr. Burt did not dissect any facts other than agreeing we do not have a lottery.

He did not offer any assistance to women carrying an unwanted fetus or to the child when it must be born under the new Alabama law.

He says he will “…keep praying that we keep America Great…”

I wish he would actually read my letter and see that so much of Alabama is not great and needs help from all of us. Keeping our heads in the sand and praying it will change on its own has not helped our poverty rate, teenage pregnancy rate, opioid use, crime or other data I listed.

The problems must be acknowledged then pursued.

As to my domicile, I was born and raised in Guntersville.

I left to join the military and experience other places.

I also retired as a master sergeant then had another career.

I moved back here because of a family situation.

Much to the chagrin of Mr. Burt’s wish, I have no plans to move again.

By the way, Mr. Burt did not reference his last statement in his letter concerning walking alone versus following the wrong crowd.

It is from Diane Grant, a Broadway playwright.

I will close with: “Right is right, even if everyone is against it, and wrong is wrong, even if everyone is for it.” William Penn – the founder of the Providence that became Pennsylvania.

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