The destruction of the trees at the Marshall County Courthouse was tragic but has given us an opportunity.

Some have suggested the area be turned into a more inviting park setting.

This is a great idea. As to the type of trees, I think they should be a mix of different species native to the area.

A diverse canopy is more inviting to people and less likely to attract destructive insects.

The opportunity I want to identify is accessibility. Remove the steps from the sides of the main entrance.

Steps are difficult for lots of people, not just the handicapped.

Have you ever had or seen a person with a hurt ankle or foot? They may have a cast, crutch, or a one leg scooter to get around. Steps are impossible.

Have you ever seen an older person that can walk but has difficulty raising their foot for a step? They do not want to identify themselves as handicapped.

Have you ever seen a parent with a small, walking child, pick them up by the arm to get up/down steps? This is totally unnecessary and even harmful.

The steps could easily be jack-hammered and removed. The new sidewalk could be a gentle slope all people could use.

The sidewalk needs to be replaced anyway because the tree roots broke it up. Use this time to improve accessibility to the people’s house.

Larry Sortor

Scant City


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Good ideas and good points, Larry.

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