Commissioner Ronny Shumate is trying to make a name for himself in his first few weeks on the job. But he should not be telling only part of the facts for each major decision involving recycling and voting.

He said he closed the District 1 recycling station because he figured only 40 people were using it. It is funny how those 40 people overflowed the recycling bins on a weekly basis.

Instead of closing it he should have revamped and expanded it. He could also have mandated the District 1 Shop recycle its materials instead of throwing them in the dumpster 75 feet away.

He also justified the closure because county employees told him garbage and dead animals were dumped there weekly.

I used the station one or two times a week at various times of the day for years. I never saw a dead animal or lots of trash.

Styrofoam was often left there by people thinking it was recyclable. The “what can be recycled” sign posted was a joke.

Instead of listing plastic by its triangle number, it said the plastic “had to have a neck.”

Other examples were wrong as well.

If he was able to determine only 40 people recycled then he should have seen who dumped the supposed garbage or dead animals.

There is a sign that states “This area under video surveillance.”

Now, he wants to change a major voting polling place.

“It disrupts his crew’s work on the days elections are held there,” he said.


One day every two years causes a major disruption in the crew’s work?

Why did you omit they only work four days a week and are off every Friday? Even the secretary is there only half a day on Friday.

Maybe a study or outside agency could help figure out what to do on elections days.

Or, how about just changing the day off from Friday to Tuesday one time every two years?

Are the employees running the show like with the reasons to close the recycling station?

Starting a new job with major changes is one thing. Being fully transparent and honest with decision-making is another.

Why not stop putting in private driveway culverts for people? Instead of affecting 40 people, that would only affect a single property owner at a time.

It would save a lot more than ending recycling.

And needing to move the polling place for hundreds of citizens because of one day every two years seems unjustified now that the rest of the story is told.

Larry Sortor

Scant City


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