In last Wednesday’s Tribune, Sen. Doug Jones suggested that Alabama go deeper into debt by expanding Medicaid. To bolster his argument, he assures us that it’s working just fine in California and New York.

Sen. Jones apparently hasn’t been told that California and New York are both on the verge of insolvency. In addition to their eagerness to go into debt up to their eyeballs, these two states are also notorious for taxing everything that moves in order to establish their socialist utopias.

Whenever these two states make it into the news, it’s usually for legislation that most Alabamians find repulsive.

For example, New York recently celebrated because its governor signed into law new legislation that allows women to kill their babies all the way up to the moment of birth (they call it partial-birth abortion or late-term abortion, but around here the taking of innocent life is called murder).

Meanwhile, California has banned drinking straws (because this is somehow going to save the environment) and passed more laws to make it increasingly difficult for law-abiding citizens to purchase and own firearms.

Both states love to offer “sanctuary” to foreign invaders (they prefer calling them “refugees” or “undocumented workers,” but folks who enter my home without an invitation are trespassers – plain and simple).

Would somebody kindly tell Sen. Jones that the reason we will be voting him out of office in November 2020 is because he doesn’t think like the rest of us?

We’re not interested in following in the footsteps of “Hollyweird” actors, race baiters, antifa rabble and America haters.

Alabamians are not followers. We are leaders. We are showing the other 49 states how it’s done.

For example, Alabama is leading the nation right now by being the first state to ban abortion. We also lead the nation in percentage of adults with concealed carry permits (around 20 percent).

Numerous polls and studies consider Alabama to be the most religious state in the country. Hallelujah!

I’m so happy to be an Alabamian. We’ve got God, guns and beautiful babies, while Californians are struggling to figure out how to get their brain-addled drug addicts to stop openly pooping in the streets of San Francisco.

And Sen. Jones wants Alabama to be more like California and New York?

No, sir.

Sean McGovern

Union Grove


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