The Arab Electric Co-Op (AEC) Annual Membership Meeting is just two weeks away. This time two major by-law changes are to be decided by a vote of the membership.

Both of these proposals were presented at the last annual meeting by Mr. Larry Bodine. He made both proposals without any rationalization, explanation or consideration of the membership.

• Change in the number of votes any individual member has regardless of how many meters they have.

• Eliminate mail-in ballots and allow only members at the annual meeting to vote.

Neither of these proposals have any merit and the second one is especially unwarranted during this COVID-19 pandemic.

People are encouraged not to congregate in large groups. Last year there were about 100 voting members and many spouses and others at the 2019 Meeting.

With the pandemic, there may be a lot fewer this year.

In the future, if this proposal passes, 100 people could regularly make decisions affecting the entire membership.

This includes voting for board members. That is not a good way to run an organization.

GM, Apple, and Amazon have thousands of stockholders. They have no problem with mail-in ballots for their annual membership meeting.

As for the first proposal, it also takes away rights of individuals.

People with a home and a shop/garage or maybe a house and barn are common in the area.

A person with a home and several chicken houses is also common.

A person with a home and a rental house or two is common.

Most of these separate buildings have a separate meter.

Situations affecting their electricity makes a bigger impact to them than me with just a home. They should have a larger say in the workings of AEC.

The thing that bothers me most is Mr. Bodine has not offered a public explanation on the merits of either of these proposals.

He did contact me personally to offer some sort of explanation. I was unwilling to listen.

I did not want to be individually aware of his justification.

Ethically, I could not present any justification he could have told me because I might not get it correct and I am not his spokesman.

All I can say is the membership should overwhelmingly vote no to each of these proposals.

And to the AEC board, I say they should never allow a member or anyone to put forth any proposals without justification and an explanation.

Larry Sortor

Scant City


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