Alabamians have celebrated Robert E. Lee Holiday in January for more than 120 years. It is the oldest Alabama holiday named for a famous historical figure.

Shamefully, in the last legislative session, Republican Senators Garlan Gudger, Clay Scofield and Arthur Orr joined with the left-wing Democrats to sponsor Senate Bill 300, which would have abolished General Lee’s holiday in January, his birth month.

This anti-Confederate Bill was defeated and hopefully will never be introduced again.

Such RINOs are opposed to President Trump, who stated: “They want to get rid of our great heroes and heroines.

They want to get rid of our history, our culture our heritage. They were starting to rip down our statues and it started with people, Confederate people, generals like Robert E. Lee, and then to Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson and now, George Washington. We’re not going to let this stuff go on.”

Polls by PBS and NPR show that 86 percent of Republicans and 44 percent of Democrats want our Confederate monuments to stay where they are and not be moved. The same goes for our Confederate veterans’ holidays and symbols.

Twenty-five years ago, giant corporations tricked Democrats into opposing our Confederate battle flag, which made the rural white voters, known as yellow-dog Democrats, switch to the Republican Party.

Now the Democrats have tricked these Lincoln-Republicans into opposing our Confederate holidays, causing Republicans to lose this rural white vote.

These anti-Confederate Republicans will destroy the Republican Party, just as the Democrats destroyed theirs, if they continue to attack our Confederate heritage.

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