"Parchie Panderson," AKA Pace Parker Whitaker, and Archie Anderson


I have been listening to Archie Anderson on WRAB AM 1380/107.1 FM as long as I can remember.

I was saddened when I learned recently that WRAB had been sold.

My nanny always had WRAB on in her kitchen.

I met Archie when I was a teenager at the ballfield.

I have to admit I was a little star struck.

I mean he was on the radio!

That is celebrity status around here.

After that I became “Parchie Panderson” in my PE class.

Oh, to be young and silly again.

Through the years on WRAB we got to hear “Tick & Wubba” and their “shenanigans.”

Adi and Alana were always two of my faves, too. Getting to hear their stories and adding Terry “Gobbler” Robinson into the mix always made good listening.

And who didn’t love hearing Brady on the radio? I think he may have been my nanny’s favorite.

Even Nanny might have been a bit starstruck when she met Archie at my house years ago.

She grinned from ear to ear.

For that he will forever be on a pedestal!

There have so many great personalities on WRAB through the years.

Sweet Martha Handschumacher telling us to have a marvelous day, Laverne Brown tempting us with her talk of biscuits and cakes and her Frog Hollow commercial, and Brindlee Mountain Bubba calling during “Helping Hand.”

It is the little things I love and will miss now that the format has changed now that the station has new owners.

WRAB was true hometown radio.

Speaking of “Helping Hand,” do y’all have any idea how many yard sales I have gone to thanks to Archie repeating the address?

A lot!

Granny Bo and Pa used to come get me on Friday mornings, and we would hit the yard sales.

Archie was tuned in on the radio dial in Granny Bo’s big ole Ford LTD.

I will certainly miss Kathy saying “Good morning Arab, you are waking up with Archie Anderson. Rise and shine and have a great day!”

That might be the most beautiful voice I have ever heard.

I know the day will come that it will be my last morning to wake up to the Arab High School marching band playing “Dixie” and the National Anthem.

There will come a last time to hear Josie Puccio saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

It will truly be a sad day in Dixie.

How will we know who has a birthday without Archie telling us from the Arab Mother’s Club calendar?

How will we know the breakfast and lunch specials?

How will we know where to get our clothes dry cleaned?

Not to mention… the special at Arab’s own Midas Burger and Dairy Delight.

And, there have been so many days I have gotten the Arab Meat Market jingle stuck in my head.

The list goes on… Archie gives us the weather, local news and the obituaries.

I hope that, “Goooooooooooooood Morning, Archie!!!!!!” from Arab Assistant Police Chief Shane Washburn won’t be a part of the past.

Hearing that and Archie tell him that he is hanging in there “like an old rusty nail” will be greatly missed.

The music!

How could I forget the music?

It’s old country, which is the absolute best!

I hope that doesn’t change.

I will say there was that one time that Archie played Jason Aldean’s “Dirt Road Anthem,” the Ludacris version. Boom. Luda is on Archie.

Best day ever.

Here’s to you, Archie Anderson, the man, the myth, the legend.

Thank you for all of the mornings you were a part of my morning routine.

You will truly be missed when the day comes that you retire. I wish you the best of luck with all of the changes and the next chapter of your life.

Forever a fan,

Pace Parker Whitaker


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