The citizens of Shin Point (road) in Marshall County continue to do without basic human rights that others in the county are provided, such as trash pick-up, mail, school buses and emergency services on their road.

Recently one neighbor’s husband had a stroke and ambulance services were not an option.

It’s inhumane to leave people stranded without these services. 

A judge ruled 27 years ago that, at that time, the burden of proof that the road was a public road was not met.

That ruling is not and was never meant to imply that the road was indefinitely a private road and the county commissioners know this, yet continually uses it as an excuse saying their hands are tied.

Shin Point community has gone before the commission countless times and even spoken on the agenda pleading for help.

Our dilemma has fallen on cold, deaf ears.

The governor of Alabama has asked them to reconsider, offering a solution of applying for a grant that the governor suggested, that would provide $350,000 to not only Shin Point Road but also three other dirt roads in very similar situations as Shin Point.

The commissioners refused to fill out for the grant on our behalf.

Congressman Robert Aderholt also has reached out to Marshall County Commission Chairman James Hutcheson asking to extend Shin Point Road every consideration.

It has been made clear to us by both the governor and congressman that the road commissioners have sole jurisdiction when it comes to accepting Shin Point Road into inventory.

It is a public road by prescription according to the Alabama Supreme Court.

We hope that others reading this will also write our commission office on our behalf as well.

You can mail a letter to District 2 Commissioner Rick Watson at:

21 1st Avenue West B

Grant, AL 35747

Or e-mail a letter to: commission@marshallco.org.

Also reach out to the other commissioners as it takes more than one member to pass a vote to accept Shin Point Road into the road inventory.

Stand up for your veterans, elderly and disabled.

Joel Kennamer


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