I am not a doctor but have done a large amount of research on Covid 19.

I am writing you to address the failure of the “system” to adequately address the early diagnosis and treatment of Covid 19 and its importance.

Early diagnosis and treatment within the first five to seven days is the key to eliminating severe Covid and hospitalizations.

Around day seven without treatment, a cytokine storm, where the body starts to attack its own cells instead of the disease, begins with coughing and difficulty breathing, progressively getting worse with each passing day. (Yes, there are always exceptions of someone getting early treatment and still having a severe case of Covid and/or hospitalization.) 

Also of concern is the vaccine, it only addresses the spike protein of the virus, neglecting the other four proteins.

Yes, the vaccine reduces symptoms and/or hospitalizations but vaccinated people can still get Covid and transmit the Covid virus.

After having Covid, your immune system develops antibodies which remain in the body for several months and protects the body from all five of the Covid virus proteins.

Once the antibodies are no longer in your immune system, you have T cells which “memorizes” the virus and can start producing antibodies once the virus is detected.

I was diagnosed with Covid in August 2021 and received Ivermectin, a z pack, and Prozac. After starting treatment, my symptoms lasted for a few days.

I am not advocating for not taking the vaccine nor am I promoting the vaccine. I believe it is up to each individual to pursue what they feel is best for themselves.

I do not disrespect anyone who has or has not taken the vaccine. As Zach Brown sings, “We’re all in the same boat, Fishing from the same hole.”

May we all work together to overcome this pandemic respecting each other’s choices.

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