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If you want to fall in love with Washington, D.C., you just have to visit once. That is what happened to my husband, Joe and me.

We have been visiting DC at least once a year since 2012.

We fell in love with it all.

The historic elements, the vibe of a city, the wonderful restaurants, the lovely hotels, and getting to visit with some family and friends who reside there.

After missing a trip to DC due to that hateful 2020 year, we made our way north last month. Driving up through Tennessee and Virginia was just beautiful and we enjoyed the drive.

Since we did not travel for a while, Joe splurged and we stayed at the historic Willard Hotel.

He has wanted to stay here for years and it was fabulous. Right around the corner from the White House and the view from our room on the ninth floor was the Washington Monument.

We arrived to find a chilled bottle of champagne in our room with a lovely note from the hotel manager. We were spoiled by breakfast, which was included in our stay, and was served in our room each morning.

We dined at the hotel’s French restaurant for late dinner the night we arrived and for a late lunch one day. There was lovely courtyard dining and people watching.

Of course, Joe loved the Round Robin Bar at the hotel. This is the Oval Office of bars.

Located inside the historic Willard InterContinental hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue, the stately Round Robin Bar is a stalwart part of D.C. history.

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