Part 2 of 2

If you want to fall in love with Washington, D.C., you just have to visit once. That is what happened to my husband, Joe and me.

We have been visiting DC at least once a year since 2012.

We fell in love with it all.

The historic elements, the vibe of a city, the wonderful restaurants, the lovely hotels, and getting to visit with some family and friends who reside there.

After missing a trip to DC due to that hateful 2020 year, we made our way north last month. Driving up through Tennessee and Virginia was just beautiful and we enjoyed the drive.

We arrived on Sunday, which was part of last week’s column.

This is part 2.

Tuesday. Breakfast in the room. Hit the road to George and Martha Washington’s home, Mount Vernon.

It was about a 35-minute drive. This was a delightful day and the weather was perfect.

The home tour was good and after the tour guide talked to you, you were free to roam the home and the grounds as you pleased.

One of our favorite things was sitting on the back porch of the home, which overlooked the Potomac River. We stayed there for quite some time just taking in the grandeur of the view.

You could just feel the history while rocking in those chairs. I felt like the other Martha. The botanical gardens there were interesting and I thought of Lucy Brannon who is a master gardener and my personal florist.

After about two hours there, we drove to Old Town Alexandria and had lunch at a cute Italian restaurant.

After a rest and freshening up, we met another friend, Cynthia Dodd Adcock , who is one of those beautiful Dodd girls from Arab.

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