“Two weeks to flatten the curve” we were told.

That was extended to early summer, then several more times until we’re now more than a year.

Joe Biden told us we would be rid of the mask requirement his first 100 days… then later told us we might be wearing them through 2022.

That so-and-so Anthony Fauci started this “two weeks to flatten the curve” stuff. Now he tells us we might be able to rid ourselves of masks by next Christmas… if everyone gets vaccinated that is.


I wonder how America became so gullible. How do so many believe this nonsense? How many lies does it take to wake people up?

L. W. Garriott


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Here ya go, Question. Chew on this one for a while. The following doesn’t come from my nether regions or some tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist. It comes from the FDA’s Briefing Document dated December 10, 2020 on the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine. It can be found at https://www.fda.gov/media/144245/download . I encourage you to download and read how the study was conducted. I’m no scientist, but I believe it to have been both professionally and scientifically conducted. The report is 52 pages long. I’ll highlight info primarily from pages 30 and 31 under the paragraph labelled “Severe COVID-19 Cases.”

Over 40k people participated in the study. Approximately 20k received the vaccine and 20k got a placebo. Of the 20k that got the vaccine, one participant developed serious COVID-19 after Dose 1 and one more after Dose 2. Neither were hospitalized.

Of the 20k that got a placebo, 9 developed serious COVID-19 after Dose 1 and 3 more after Dose 2. Five of the serious COVID-19 participants from Dose 1 were hospitalized and two from Dose 2. “Serious” wasn’t some fancy mathematical gimmick either. Standards like oxygen saturation levels were applied.

If one only looks at the vaccine side of the study like the media did, they would think the vaccine a miracle drug. Looking at the study as a whole changes that story completely. My take may not be a popular one, but the above numbers tell me that we never needed masks, social distancing, lock downs, or vaccine. Read the report, calculate the percentages, and decide for yourself instead of letting the msm do your thinking for you.


Would have been sufficient if this country wasn’t full of narcissists who whined “but ‘muh freedom.” These are the people who don’t question seatbelt laws. It’s just too inconvenient for them to be considerate of the health of other people.


Bless your heart Question, but your response sounds awfully similar to the manipulative hogwash coming out of Washington DC.

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