Arab leaders are applying for grants and special funds to improve traffic signals on U.S. 231. I am not sure why they need to redo everything to solve the main problem of tall trucks hitting the existing traffic signals.

It seems like you could just put up taller poles and raise the existing traffic signals. But that is just my idea.

What I see that needs improvement are each end of Main Street.

Let me explain.

From the north, drive south on Main Street approaching Ala. 69. Drivers have no advance indication they must turn left from the left lane.

With two lanes continuing to the south through the intersection, it looks like a straight drive through for both lanes.

There are a couple of arrows and “Only” painted in the left lane. That is not advance notice.

And, painting on the pavement can be hidden with cars at the intersection or during bad weather. Pavement paint alone does not meet the national, nor the Alabama Highway Signage standard.

Plus, the left traffic signal has a solid green light, not a turn arrow.

There must be advance signage with curb sign posts, and a sign by the traffic signal. And, the traffic signal must have a green or yellow flashing left arrow, depending on how the signaling system operates.

These corrections will bring this intersection up to established standards and improve safety.

The south end of Main Street has a similar problem for drivers going north to the Ala. 69 intersection turning toward Cullman.

The single traffic lane splits only two car length prior to the intersection. There is a single arrow and “Only” painted in the tiny left lane, a left turn traffic signal, and a tiny left turn only sign.

There is no advance sign post at the curb.

The tiny left turn sign hanging by the traffic signal is less than haft the required size.

It looks like something purchased at an office supply store.

If drivers decide to go all the way south on Main Street to U.S. 231, there is another problem. Main Street curves sharply just before stopping at U.S. 231.

The stop sign cannot be seen by drivers until they make the curve and are only a few car lengths from the stop sign. The requirement is to install an advance warning sign in such situations – “Stop Ahead.”

I do not believe any of these valid, safety problems will be addressed by the Arab City Council or mayor.


“Everyone knows” about these intersections and there is no need to waste money on things that everyone already knows about. That is another way of saying, “that is the way it has always been and there is no need to change it.”

As Arab struggles to modernize, it runs into situations like this.

Arab does not want to spend money improving confusing and dangerous situation for the benefit of the population.

With housing getting tight in the Huntsville area, people will move here regardless. Too bad the locals cannot see the need for safety for everyone.

Larry Sortor

Scant City


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