This fall I have been so proud to be an American each Friday night before each Arab High School football game when all in the stadium have stood for a silent moment for the safety of our players and given thanks for the right to live where freedom is still observed.

And then, all face the Stars and Stripes and salute our flag during the National Anthem.

Un-fortunately, we live in the most troubling times in many decades and those who seek to control all of us are doing their best to tear this land apart!

Last Friday night gave me hope that most of us still stand strong to resist the mainstream media and new world order in their efforts to control our minds and bodies.

Before the start of the Arab High vs. Albertville basketball game, the public address system malfunctioned, and they didn’t play the National Anthem.

Then, spontaneously, the entire gymnasium of folks began singing the anthem a cappella.

Oh, what a wonderful moment!

I can’t remember such a moving experience.

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Yes, It certainly is scary when white supremacists throw deadly hissy fits. There is certainly hope for the future as growing generations continue to be less racist, less sexist, less homophobic, less transphobic, less ableist, less xenophobic, less islamophobia, and more Christ like in their treatment of their fellow human beings. I look forward to the dying out of the phrase “I’m from a different time.” and more people knowing that any society has to keep moving forward to survive. I take great care to provide the young people in my life an environment in which they are comfortable enough to be their open, honest selves, knowing someone accepts and loves them. I do so hope we all strive to create such an environment for future generations to make our society all we grew up believing it to be.


Those trying to tear our country apart are the fascists of the Orange-faced Oligarch and the right wing radicals, the anti-American, anti-democratic members of the failed coup the Orange-faced Oligarch tried to pull. Remember that crazed rant from Mo Brooks? He is one!


And YOU publish the Arab Tribune? This article explains a lot. For instance: the hateful, angry, name-calling rants of Ron Paul. Mr. Reed, God is spelled L O V E, and He does judgement. And control? Relax, God’s in charge.

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