With the turmoil, dishonesty and general malaise that seems to be infecting this country and its people, there appears to be a need for reunification and a goal to affect this purpose.

Maybe it could be as simple as a gesture to bond us to new ambitions... something that is simple but yet quickly identified as a goal to unify as Americans and work together for peaceful co-existence.

Many methods have been tried in past civilizations but seemed to fail.

Flags often produce more divisiveness and war; uniforms lead into other vanities; music is too elusive and difficult; language, food, pictures, etc., all have been tried; all have failed.

What about something much simpler that requires little thought, needs no outside additions and is yet able to express acceptance and/or rejection with the least amount of effort… like two fingers from one hand?

One of the most commonly repeated hand gestures in the world is the two-finger combination.

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The only divisive flags are the ones that support hate groups. Flags such as the thin blue line, the confederate battle flag, Trump flags, and even the recent over abundance of American flags. They call it patriotism, but it’s blatant nationalism.

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