This is an open letter to the people of Arab.

I’m a truck driver from Indiana who comes to your town every other week to make a delivery and a pick up in your town.

I stay over night when there and I drop my trailer at the shippers and I visit your local business for food.

I always go to Walmart to get stuff for my truck for the rest of my trip to Eagle Pass, Texas and back to Indiana.

The point of this story is a few weeks ago I was at Walmart and lost my wallet there.

When I noticed it was missing, I called Walmart, but no one had turned anything in yet.

So I had to leave town and finish my route for the week.

In my wallet were my bank card, fuel card, drivers license and a little more than $200 in cash, and many personal things I could never replace.

I replaced my bank, fuel and DL cards when I got home.

I went to Walmart this week when I came back through and did my routine as always. I decided to contact costumer service while there to see if they found my wallet, and low and behold they said yes.

I retrieved it, and everything was still in it!

I asked if they knew who the person was that found and turned it in but they didn’t have a name to give me.

So, I want to tell the people of Arab, thank you for your honesty and for the great hospitality I always receive when I’m in your town.

Thank You to whomever it was that turned in my wallet.

God bless you, and God bless Arab.

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