An early “Happy 75th Birthday” is extended to Arab Electric Coopertive along with a thank-you for its recent services.

It was a great day in 1947 when the co-op first brought power to some of Arab’s outlying areas. It was also a great day in 2021 when the co-op got the power back on for one appreciative customer.

It had rained quite heavily during the early morning of April 24. Combine that with heavy new-leaf growth over a power line and the result was power outage.

The Arab Historical Society had originally planned to hold its annual “Back When Day” on that Saturday, but due to the forecast of inclement weather, it had been postponed to the following week.

Of course, telephones will not work when the power is off and neither do cellphones when they have not been charged.

So, with the last bit of cellphone power, calls to the co-op began. One of the questions asked: Are your neighbors without power?

No, just me.

It was no time until a great big bucket truck arrived, the workers located the cause, and the remedy began.

I was very impressed with the equipment. I did not know that Arab owned a machine like that.

After speaking with one of the operators, I was told that Arab does not own the large truck but has a contract with Corbett. They also contracted the operators, who were quite efficient.

The crew also surveyed potential branches over power lines and cut them while they were here. Before they left, the crew neatly stacked all the cut branches in piles.

Those, I was told, would be picked up by another crew.

Monday morning another very large truck arrived. It had large “pick-up-claws” that I was also told did not belong to Arab but was also contracted. I was greatly impressed with how they cleaned up every bit of the cut tree limbs.

Wonder if 75 years ago those who were so glad to have the co-op bring electricity to their homes for the first time would have any idea what service Arab customers would get some day down the road.

Many thanks Arab Electric Co-op for a job well done!

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