It took us several generations to get to this place where there is no respect for each other and for law and order and even for our constitution, and it will take several generations to get back to a peace loving, freedom loving, respect for law and order, society, if we start today.

It must start in the home and must include a belief in God and a love for the truth, the principle on which our country was founded.

That is the only way we can overcome our spiral to self destruction.

There is room in this country for the believer and the unbeliever, but above all there must be discipline and respect for each other.

Many are losing the love for the truth, found in the word of God and have become hardened by the lack of it.

Without discipline and respect, no society can sustain itself .

Without discipline and respect, children can’t be taught to have a love for the truth, and each other.

The government and the lust for power by politicians is the major force behind our inevitable demise as a functioning society.

Liberalism and progressiveness is just the opposite of discipline and respect. 

These politicians started enticing people to do things that are not in line with the morals and good works that should be taught in the home, in order to curry favor in hopes of maintaining their power.

For instance in the early 1960s, then President Lyndon Johnson started  a program to give women who had children, a check for every child if there was not a husband and bread winner in the house thus causing people to not get married, further destroying the family unit.

In order to turn this ship around, we must try to elect politicians that will work toward passing legislation that favors the family unit, and will fight for the right to praise God any place we want.

We must not give in to separation of God and state, while obeying the constitution on the matter of church and state, a completely different subject.

Too many try to marry the two for their own selfish agenda.

We must start at the grass roots and work toward returning the family unit to it’s place in hope to regain a love for the truth.

Joel Kennamer



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