There are many wonderful characteristics of fall, but stink bugs are not one of them. As temperatures drop, stink bugs and other cold-blooded bugs begin to find their way indoors.

While they are harmless to people and pets, their stench and constant presence is enough to want to keep them out.

Stink bugs will enter homes by any means necessary when temperatures begin to drop.

They can be found in large numbers on the outsides of buildings or inside near doors, windowsills and other entry points. They do so to search for wintering sites.

If any crack or crevice is present, they will find it. For example, around windows and doors, under or behind baseboards, trim, attics and underneath beds and sofas are the perfect spot for stink bugs. They will quickly begin to congregate in these areas.

The problem is that once they get inside walls or in attics, they slowly find their way into the living space. There is not much to do at that point beside killing and vacuuming them up.

However, when stink bugs are threatened, crushed, disturbed or killed, they truly live up to their name. They will then release an odor that can last up to an hour.

For more information about stink bugs, visit the Alabama Extension website,

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