My name is Sharon Ainsworth. I am a resident of Marshall County and the executive director of the Real Life Pregnancy Centers in Albertville and Guntersville.

In Alabama’s important U.S. Senate race on Tuesday, May 24, I am strongly supporting Katie Britt to serve as our next Senator.

I am blessed to be the mother of three grown children and a grandmother to 10. My daughter, Shannon, went to the University of Alabama with Katie some 20 years ago. We personally know Katie’s heart for service, her unwavering convictions, and her strong Christian faith.

I still remember Shannon raving about Katie’s leadership ability when they were in college together. When I found out she was running for the U.S. Senate this year, I was immediately excited to learn more about her candidacy and her platform.

The more I visited with her about why she is running and what she believes, the more energized I became about Katie’s candidacy. But her dedication to fighting for life is what really sold me above everything else.

With the Supreme Court weighing a decision in Dobbs, this is more critical now than ever before.

As someone who has dedicated much of my life to defending life and ending abortion, pro-life issues are near and dear to my heart.

When I scrutinize political candidates and decide who I am going to vote for in any election, there are three main questions at the top of my list:

Does the individual’s faith in Christ come through in their political positions?

Is the individual 100% pro-life?

Will the individual fight to protect life?

Defending the unborn and caring for families has been my ministry for over 30 years.

I know that Katie Britt is 100%, unapologetically pro-life, and she has my full support and confidence to serve as Alabama’s next U.S. Senator.

Katie will fight to defend the sacred right to life. Like me, she supports the Supreme Court finally overturning the monstrous Roe v. Wade decision and allowing states to put an end to the genocide of precious, vulnerable babies. She has never supported and will never support abortion. Katie is a Christian wife and mother of two beautiful young children herself, and she will be an incredible champion not only for life in the Senate, but she’ll also work to support crisis pregnancy centers in our mission to provide needed resources for expecting mothers, young moms, and their babies. This will be especially crucial in a post-Roe world.

Katie is someone who I not only trust to defend our Christian conservative values and be strong on the issues important to me, my family, our community, and our state, but I also know she has the strength of character and the integrity to do what is right and make Alabama proud at every turn. She is never afraid of a fight, and anyone who spends time with her can tell you that she’s an intense, passionate person who clearly loves Alabama and our nation, and she cares about the future of our children and our children’s children.

This is a grave juncture for the future of our nation – under Joe Biden, the country we know and love is slipping away before our eyes. Our values, liberties, and our rights are under attack from the left. Now is the time for the next generation of Christian conservatives to stand up and preserve the American Dream. In this moment, especially with the fate of Roe hanging in the balance, we need more pro-life moms in the U.S. Senate. Katie will be a unique and needed conservative voice – someone who will always speak up for the voiceless and defend the defenseless.

As you go to vote on May 24, I’d ask you to join me in prayer, and I’d ask you to join me in voting for Christian conservative Katie Britt for the U.S. Senate. A vote for Katie is a vote to defend life and fight for our Alabama values.

Sharon Ainsworth, a resident of Marshall County, is the executive director of the Real Life Pregnancy Centers in Albertville and Guntersville.

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