Congratulations to the new seniors at Arab High School, Brindlee Mountain High School, and every other high school, for that matter.

You made it!

You can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel that has been your 13 years of education. You are just nine short months away from walking across the football field and getting your high school diploma from your principal.

But hold on just a minute.

If you seniors don’t listen to anything else, and, let’s face it, you have a lot to listen to this year, please heed this advice.

Don’t wish your senior year away.

Don’t let your rush to get out of high school and into the work force or into college cause you to forget to enjoy your senior year of high school.

Trust us – your senior year will be over before you know it.

Take the time to enjoy it. Go to the dances. Go to the games. Go to the other events that are unique to the high school experience.

Next May while you are sitting on the field wearing your cap and gown, you will be thinking, “Wait just a minute – didn’t we just go to homecoming?!”

Your parents are proud of you for becoming a senior.

But they are terrified for you for what’s next in your life, and they aren’t wishing away your senior year.

You shouldn’t, either.

It’s the last year you all will be together. Soon enough you will throw your mortar boards into the air and walk away from your school, diploma in hand, and enter the next phase of your life.

Yes, it’s exciting.

But slow down.

Enjoy it.

Annual subscription drive

I encourage you to buy or renew your subscription to The Arab Tribune through a student at Arab Elementary School during the month of August.

Part of the proceeds go back to the school.

The PTO has used proceeds in the past to purchase security equipment for the school, playground equipment, computers and more.

The Tribune is just $27 a year in the trade area and $50 outside. Or you can get the electronic edition for just $27 a year no matter where you live.

It doesn't matter when your current subscription ends, if you renew through a student, it'll add a year to the end of your current subscription and the school gets part of the money.

Don't know any AES students?

Reach out to PTO president Angela Serrett Maze and she will get you in touch with one.

Or call the school. 256-586-6085.

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