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In the May 22 Tribune, Mr. McGovern wrote that Sen. Jones is wrong about Alabama. It concerned Sen. Jones’ suggestion of expanding Medicaid in Alabama.

He related the expansion to the cause for near insolvency of some other states. He closed by bragging how Alabama is a leader of the other states in banning abortion, having concealed carry permits, and being the most religious.

Interesting how he feels Medicare relates to those things.

With the Alabama ban on abortion, I have not seen Mr. McGovern or any politician step up and offer medical care or financial aid to the mother before and after delivery to ensure the health of her and the unwanted child.

I have not seen anyone offer mental health counseling for a pregnant rape or incest victim that must be forces to relive that trauma for the rest of their live. I do not see droves of people stepping up to adopt an unwanted child.

Mr. McGovern and others want to make sure unwanted babies are born but it ends there. Does that strike anyone as hypocritical?

As for Alabama being a leader of the other states, Mr. McGovern may have a point:

• First in the nation with overcrowded prisons;

• First in opioid prescriptions per resident (142.9 prescriptions for every 100 residents);

• Second most religious state (behind Mississippi);

• One of the unhealthiest states, with the nation’s third highest rate of premature deaths;

• Fourth highest poverty rate in the nation;

• Fith in motor vehicle deaths per 100,000 population;

• Fifth highest incarceration rate in the nation;

• Five of the top 25 most food insecure counties in the nation (They worry about how they will get their next meal.);

• One of the five states deemed least-inclusive;

• It has no state wide legal protection for age, minority, gay or transgender people. It just passed a new law eliminating marriage licenses so religious probate judges would not have to refuse to issue them for gay and lesbian marriages;

• One of six states without the lottery;

• Sixth in number of religious facilities per capita;

• Sixth in violent crime rate;

• Seventh in murder rate;

• 10th worst state for teen birth rates 1,000 females ages 15-19;

• 46th in median household income.

Alabamians boast being religious but the statistics do not show that religious banner does any good for the people of the state.

Alabama is less a state than two opposing tribes of football fanatics that still celebrates the Civil War and calls anyone from somewhere else a Yankee.

Alabama even figured out a way to work mayonnaise into its BBQ.

Larry Sortor

Scant City

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