A florist arrived at the front desk with two baskets of flowers. He gave them to an attractive lady at the front desk who discovered they were sent to the staff of the city’s library by someone who was well-known to the staff.

In fact, he was in the library at that particular time. When they asked him “Why?” he answered, “You (the staff) have always been so kind and considerate that I just wanted to give back a little of what I have received from you. It’s my way to say how much you mean to me.”

All too often some of the most treasured memories we have are those that pleasantly slide out of our minds and into our hearts as we become older.

What once was an experience of pain or sadness transforms into that special time of learning and maturing. We recapture the past in the briefest of moments and either smile, knowingly, or deeply long for an emotion that can only be sensed once and then sought with futility for a lifetime.

This is one of those “once upon a time” stories that emphasizes the danger of losing what were the birthmarks of an America that measured wealth by more standards than money and possessions. Thoughts of progress were pushed aside as retention of hope and integrity once more came to the forefront.

“Once upon a time …”

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