K through 12th grade students in Alabama need prayer in schools. State and local governments keep throwing money at their education but they do not seem to improve.

Per the latest U.S. News poll, Alabama students rank from 49th to 46th in the different areas of education as compared to other states.

Every legislative session in Montgomery sees more and more money thrown at education. Most of it goes towards teacher pay.

Very little goes toward improving the school environment, resources, methods or requirements. Maybe praying for divine learning would help.

Students start school earlier in the summer and go later at the end. While it seems like more educational opportunity, it really just gives more time off.

There are many half days every month. If storms are forecast, the school day starts late or ends early to keep the children safe. I guess they get wetter now than when I was going to school.

You would think all of the praying would take care of that.

Actual improvement in the education of students has not changed in years. No one is vocal at school boards for better education, but they are quick to push their need for more religion.

Maybe those are the people that the praying should be for.

Seriously, people needing to pray can do so in church. I believe that is what it is for on Sunday mornings and evenings as well as Wednesday. And this is just for Baptists.

Other religions have some different church, synagogue or temple prayer times. I am pretty sure you are allowed to pray by yourself, too. You do not need to be in a group.

As for people needing to have schools sanction demonstrative prayers at events, all they want is attention for themselves. There is a time for prayer and a time for education and recreation.

Anyone can pray quietly at any event, in class, in cafeterias or school assemblies. They do not need to make a spectacle of themselves for it to be functional.

That is, unless they are not praying to be closer to their beliefs but to appear to be more religious and better than others. That seems to be the case most of the time and goes against what they say their religion is all about.

They do not want to pray for prayer’s sake, they want to be seen. That is just wrong.

No one has taken any rights away from these showoffs. The Constitution gives them protection to practice their religion as they see fit but they do not have the right to demand governmental (school board) support to inflict their beliefs on others.

Practice your religion as you see fit but do not force it on me.

The Constitution gives the right for freedom of religion. This includes the freedom from religion being forced on others.

America was founded on the right for everyone to practice their religion, or lack thereof, as they see fit without interference from government or others.

If you want to be an advocate for something, work to improve education in Alabama. Work to provide a path for children to become more than their parents

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