Wild garlic (Allium vineale L.) and wild onion (Allium canadense L.) of the lily family are cool-season perennial weeds, with wild garlic being the common weed in many turf areas in Alabama.

It emerges from underground bulbs in late fall and grows through the winter and spring months. Wild garlic is similar in appearance to wild onion.

Wild garlic has slender, hollow, waxy round leaves and underground bulbs that have small bulblets that grow from the main bulb.

Wild onion can be distinguished from wild garlic because wild onion has solid flat leaves and a main bulb and no small bulblets extending from the main bulb.

This is a pesky weed that is difficult to control because they can reproduce from underground bulbs, as well as seeds.

This weed is especially evident in warm season lawn grasses that are going dormant.

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